Passion for technology, excellence and people gives our customers the best combination of expertise, experience and depth of services to make us technology partner of choice on Sustainable Environmental Management and Environmental Technology. RECYKLA brings you the very best in smart sustainable end-of-life E-Waste Disposal, E-Waste Collection and E-Waste Transportations Management solutions and using the latest in mobile applications and software interface.

We strive to develop the very latest in mobile and software technologies on end-of-life E-Waste Disposal (including consumerables), E-Waste Collection and E-Waste Transportations to help in sustainable E-Waste management and succeed in scaling up employment opportunities and keeping our cities free from environmental pollution and health risk associated with e-waste. We know that, Government, Private sector and Households are the heavy consumers of technologies and electronics not only in East Africa but also the rest of Africa which recognized electronic waste and their consumerables as a significant contributor of Environmental pollutions and Health risks.

As a provider of industry leading cutting edge mobile application and software solutions for all types of end-of-life electronic waste segments, RECYKLA offer an exceptional range of custom and semi-custom, secure, convenient and flexible solutions to help our Government, Private sector and Households clients integrate sustainable E-Waste disposal measures.


At RECYCKLA we want to be recognized as a model for Social Entrepreneurship whose end goal is the creation of Social, Environmental and Economic values through use of Technology. To achieve this, we intend to become a leader in sustainability and recycling through innovative Technological solutions in Mobile Applications, Software Developments and ICT solutions in the circular economy both in Africa and Globally


To work in partnership with our clients to uncover Technological solutions for E-Waste Disposal, E-Waste Collection ,E-Waste Transportation and management of end-of-life electronic wastes and consumables (including other waste streams) that reduce material loss, from the value chains up to recycling process of leading to Social, Environmental and Economical Values.



Our technological solutions are secure and customized to client needs, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients changing needs. Our services are outstanding and unmatched.


Respect is the basis of the relationship of all of the collaborators in our company, and we focus on developing teamwork and synergy. We provide opportunities for personal development, as well as clean, safe and secure work conditions.


We interact responsibly with the environment and work to improve the quality of life for current and future generations. We dedicate some of our efforts to the improvement of sustainable society and to raising awareness about Social, Economical and Environmental responsibilities.  

Our Dream/Character

To contribute to Circular Economy in  Africa  and Globally  through scalable  innovative technological solutions that have Social, Environmental and Economical value addition capacities.