RECYKLA brings you the very best in smart sustainable end-of-life e-waste disposal management solutions and using the latest in mobile applications and software interface. We develop the very latest in mobile and software technologies on end-of-life e-waste disposal to help in sustainable e-waste management and succeed in scaling up employment opportunities, environmental protection and helping Households, Government and Private Sector manage their e-waste. Our solutions allow consumers manage their waste streams with a click of a button at their comfort using their Smartphone, and Computers. It is synchronized with; wastes transporters/distributers ,collectors/collection points, recyclers , manufactures and consumers in various webs therefore bring around turnaround time on sustainable e-waste management, closing of the material cycle, the protection of living conditions and the environment and the creation of sustainable jobs.

  • To ceaselessly engage all stakeholders’ i.e government, industry and consumers in fulfilling holistic sustainable end-of-life electronic disposals (including consumerables) and management through use of Mobile application and Software Technologies.

  • To create knowledge driven Technological platforms which fosters innovation, ease of business and conducive e-waste regulatory framework in East Africa.

  • To continuously work towards constructive engagement among all stakeholders for creation of E-Waste policies and legal instruments, vibrant recycling business environment and market where manufacturing flourishes and consumer satisfactions is highest.

  • To become the most comprehensive information and knowledge center by using Technology for the industry, government and academia for facilitating research and studies related to e-waste disposal and management (including other waste streams).

  • To work towards creation and adoption of practices in E-waste management which enhance industry’s commitment towards CSR and general welfare of citizens.