Throwing thing away is a simple daily act that most of us reflexively do without knowing that we are destroying our natural environment while spelling the end of our city’s priceless asset (the natural environment)

As the years progress, the role of our urban environments will even be more needed for the health and wellbeing of the human population. Therefore, we shall have to collectively and individually build sustainable societies not only through changing policies and Technologies, but by also helping our clients understand our world, our place in it and the need to appreciate our relationship with nature and the global community of human beings.

Through viable alternatives like 3R PRINCIPLES (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) ; by use Mobile Applications and ICTs solutions customized to suite user need ,this is made possible and easy. The user is able to dispose His or Her e-waste (including other waste streams) at their comfort and convenience with a click of a button using their Smartphone, Wearable and Laptops. Further the client is able to get our solution customized and be synchronized to their Smart Waste Bin (Internet of Things) therefore the whole process of disposal become much easier and less cumbersome. Clients get real time information from their Smart Waste Bin via Smartphone, Wearable and laptops.