Workflow Solutions

Growing enterprises usually face a challenge in terms of a complex workflow across the various internal and external departments. It becomes a tedious task to prepare cumulative reports binding all the scattered department wise information into one loop. Enterprise workflow applications facilitate automation and optimization of business processes across the enterprise. This solution also streamlines process execution, accelerates production of deliverables, automates interoperation and alignment with other business systems, reduce demand for human intervention and oversight, lower costs, and improve the bottom line.

RECYKLA provides enterprise workflow applications to manage holistics business processes of any type or scope. In the majority of cases, we recommend our own Enterprise Workflow System, a complete enterprise workflow package developed by RECYKLA’s own in-house think tank consisting of architects and software engineers.

What RECYKLA Offers

Integrating the various end points of the workflow into one loop, RECYKLA helps you develop an automated end-to-end workflow solution that completely eliminated slow person-to-person exchanges with rapid software-driven automation.

RECYKLA’s Workflow is a Microsoft .NET development and runtime application that includes:

  • Event-driven messaging to prompt persons or departments when human input is required

  • Reporting capabilities with single process and batch capabilities

  • Integration with data warehousing and business intelligence systems for advanced analytics

  • Intuitive graphical design environment where even non-technical staff can design process flows using easy visual modeling tools

  • Runtime engine to execute flows

  • Standards-based integration with other information systems to launch sub-processes



  • Greater efficiency in daily activities

  • Reduced risk in business processes and transaction management

  • Enhanced real-time process monitoring

  • Improve decision-making and enable faster action

  • Conformance to regulatory requirements

  • Dynamic and GUI work flow systems

  • Improved productivity through streamlined process