Performance Management

Business performance management combines management and analytic processes to enable enterprises to achieve higher performance and meet targets. In today's workplace, performance enhancement and management has become highly crucial. An effective performance management system enables managers to evaluate and measure performance of various business activities to optimize productivity and meet strategic business objectives. Performance management focuses on the performance of an organization, a department, employee, or even the processes to build artifacts of services, by aligning their resources, systems and employees.


Performance management is often used as the “backbone” for evaluation and measurement of essential business activities to achieve various goals including reduction minimizing carbon footprints. Therefore, the search for solutions should not be limited to the so-called best practices and tools, but instead should start with a deep debate within the executive team about their philosophy and strategic people objectives regarding performance differentiation. Then the focus can shift to how best to achieve those outcomes.

A poorly structured process results in many limitations:

  • If business strategies are not aligned with organization goals, then time and resources are left unutilized.

  • Lack of documentation, visibility and accountability can have an adverse effect on the stakeholders demanding more and more transparency.

  • Absence of analytical applications that provide the functionality to support processes, methodologies and metrics for business process management.

  • Unclear mechanism for managing business processes especially organizing growing volumes of data.

  • Ability to leverage managerial information effectively in less time and with more certainty.

  • Absence of consistent master data, enterprise information and systems to manage the same.

  • Increase in Green House Emission Gases/ Carbon Foot Prints.

  • Increase in Environmental Pollutions and Health Risks associated with it.

What RECYKLA Offers

At RECYKLA, we are committed to give clients a performance edge across their technologies, operations and business to help them boost revenues while minimizing their carbon footprint. We combine the ingenuity and dedication of our community of experts, proactive quality culture and specialist focus on innovative solutions to help our clients meet ever-increasing demand and ensure a perfect holistic business performance.

  • Services Management: Streamline people, process and information technology.

  • Knowledge Management: Strategize collection, development and dissemination of knowledge with an effective tool in place.

  • Business Analytics Software: Retrieve, analyze and report data for business intelligence to allow meaningful and useful information for business purposes.

  • Business Environmental Analytics Software; Streamline products, take back process ,clients, data on end-of-life products waste disposal/management for business intelligence to allow important and practical information for minimizing organization carbon footprint and sustainable waste disposal/management .

  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting: Automate budgeting and perform forecasting of multidimensional financial analysis through Enterprise resource planning application.

  • Performance Reporting and Scorecard: Align strategy with execution, communicate goals and monitor your performance including on end-of-life products sustainable waste disposal/management against targets.

  • Sales and Performance Management: Align sales performance with sales strategy through more effective and efficient territory management, channel management and incentive compensation management.

  • Automation and integration: Reduce custom coding and manual processes across platforms, introduce self-service automation for business users through PM/BI applications.

  • Employee Information System: Automate the process of collecting, calculating the data to generate KPIs with Human Resource management, Payroll processing, mining transit, pass management, etc.

  • Dashboard Management: Create intuitive dashboard to enable all the necessary information to be available at the fingertips.


  • Assist in consulting and understanding the business mechanism on how to improve performance.

  • Real time tracking of key performance indicators.

  • Measuring business performance through Business Analytics tools.