Mobility Services

With the growth of mobile technology and ever increasing number of users using mobile devices to access public utilities and portals, there is a need for developing mobile applications for all major government authorities and public service departments. Applications featuring mobility services have now become a mandate. Effective & regular utilization of software applications can be ensured if a mobility version of the same is available.


  • Instant access of data

  • Immediate reporting by employees/executers of an organization/assignment

What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA’s mobility services for private and public sector have garnered lot of appreciation. Our passion for providing you with the best solutions is realized through a dedicated user-experience design team that is committed to leveraging the unique native capabilities of each device platform. Our continuous efforts have given birth to mobility versions of web applications of both corporate & government clients.

Our mobility services include

  • Maintenance and timely updating of those applications

  • Usability assessment and execution for designing user-friendly application

  • Mobility consulting

  • Design and development of mobile applications


  • Rich experience driven qualitative & user friendly apps

  • Dedicated user experience design team