It is a common failing of the human race not to appreciate what they have always had until it has been lost and gone for good. It because of the environment that people from overseas pour into Africa on an annual basis not only to carry out business enterprises or live but to also enjoy and appreciate Africa wild places and wildlife given that they have largely lost what they once had as a result of neglecting the environment.

Our natural African Environment is a case study. The environment is a jewel that is critically needed and is extremely precious. Major African cities (East African cities included) are experiencing one of the highest growth rates in all aspects which are expanding at tremendous speed. Some like Nairobi city (which is the only capital city in the world with a pristine patch of the Natural world complete with all its natural wild denizens on it s outskirts). The aforementioned provides the much needed solace for the city dwellers and acts as lungs of the city. It distills its polluted air and helps maintain the health of its populations (over three and half million inhabitants).
Throwing things away is a simple daily act that most of us reflexively do without knowing that we are destroying our natural environment while spelling the end of our city’s priceless asset ( the natural environment ).
The well being of our people and future generation is threatened when our urban natural environments are polluted and destroyed as the cities expand. Sooner or later, our natural environment will be covered with a dense blanket of pollution that will force the populaces to look for alternatives means to survive to cope with this human induced problems, such us wearing face masks in order to go about their daily undertakings while being able to only see a few yards ahead due to the thick smog and the inevitable exposure to health related challenges leading to early death resulting from pollution and lung related diseases.
As the years progress, the role of our urban environments will even be more needed for the health and well being of the human population. Therefore, we shall have to collectively and individually build sustainable societies not only through changing policies and Technologies, but by also helping our clients understand our world, our place in it and the need to appreciate our relationship with nature and the global community of human beings.

Through viable alternatives like 3R PRINCIPLES (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) , Africa and the world at large will have future generations being forever grateful to those of our current generations (individually or collectively from different background) who helped  avert the destruction of this irreplaceable critical Asset . This way, we will be assured of preserving our precious urban asset, the Natural Environment while ensuring that we pass to our future generation an inheritance that they will be proud about.


Things to Figure Out:

  • Advised by the authorities to mandatory stay in house until the air outside is fit for human consumption. (toxic/clean from toxic). For example, you are a parent with a newborn baby or with children within a given age ,highly advised by the authorities to stay indoors and take certain precautions until the air outside is fit for human consumption.

  • Your flight is rerouted to land elsewhere within short notice because it cannot land due to a dense smog within the airport that it was originally supposed to land in / Your flight has been canceled or delayed as a result of the aforementioned thereby making you bear unplanned extra cost or waste precious time travelingextra miles just to reach your destination.

  • Advised by the authorities not to drink or shower using tap water but to buy distilled water for drinking or showering as the tap water is polluted by highly toxic substances and heavy metals. (come with extra cost)

  • As an employer, you receive enormous calls for transfer from your employees to new work stations as their current residence are no longer habitable due to extensive pollution OR you experience huge employees turnover at certain work stations as a result of the same.
    As an employer, you spend a lot of money paying medical cover to majority of your employees and their families to treat pollution related illnesses or experience a vast number of employees absenteeism as a result of the same .

  • As a company, you spend a lot of money promoting your products and services to consumers only to end up with no one buying them since their priority has shifted to procuring health related services and products to cure or prevent illnesses that have been triggered by environmental pollution.

  • As a government, project and services come to a standstill due to diverting financial and human resources to an budgeted emerging and pressing health crisis that need immediate solutions or intervention as a result of environmental pollution related illnesses or catastrophes.

  • We are made to pay dearly directly or indirectly resulting from losing our assets and family members through occurrence of catastrophic natural events such as diseases outbreak, triggered by environmental pollutants and pollution.

  • That the place we have lived for years or carried out our economic activities becomes inhabitable due to environmental pollutants or pollution which authorities and scientist say will take several years to clear from the aforementioned areas, thereby leading to massive zonal shutdown and evacuations. This results to the entire economic activities in the area being negatively affected hence triggering massive movement of people (environmental refuges) ,immigration/emigration.

  • Pollution will create negative environmental changes thereby causing a scarcity of public goods / services / utilities e.g. land ,clean water etc which will then trigger competition on available diminishing resources while resulting to escalation of prices of essentials ,conflicts ,poverty ,and unemployment just to mention but a few.

  • That as a parent , the environmental inheritance that you shall pass down to your child is worse off than you found it and is one that continues to be extensively polluted by your generation. Such an inheritance will negatively continue to affect their health for the years to come.

  • If GOD used environmental parameters to evaluate you, how would you fair either as an individual or institution? / How do you think GOD is feeling about what you are doing  when you keep on polluting HIS World ?