MIS Solutions

Today’s enterprises generate volumes of data as they carry out their day to day business. With continuously evolving markets and changing organizational structure, it becomes a tedious task to keep track of the generated information. Management information system integrates infrastructure, human resources, financial, support and maintenance aspects and enhances productivity and augments profit. MIS solutions should work with data to provide information worthwhile for your business in improving its process, efficiency and productivity.

RECYKLA recommends, builds and supports IT solutions that make it easy for your business to generate more customers, environmental conscious, valued by rich decision making information across content exchange networks like e-mail, internet and wireless. We tailor the solutions to deliver you business centric results and analytical reports. We strengthen all our solutions with a very strong support offering, ensuring that we provide the help you need to keep your business running.

What RECYKLA Offers

At RECYKLA, our consultants guide you to understand and implement smart MIS solutions that are completely tailor-made to fit your unique needs factoring environments trends on waste management on end-of-life products. Our solutions aim at empowering you to take faster decisions, streamline complex work flow process, efficiently utilize your resources and generate higher revenue while minimising the negative impact of end-of-life products on environments as well as health related problems.

RECYKLA helps you build strategies through this common platform of enterprise wide service orientation and web services implementation. Our proven expertise in technical areas such as .NET Framework, J2EE, LAMP etc. take care of your specific needs and ensures a higher ROI. Our services and solutions includes HR & payroll managements, accounting managements, customer relationship managements, waste management on end-of-life products, sales tracking systems, operation managements, asset management and project management solutions.

  • Accounting management information systems: All accounting reports are shared by all levels of accounting managers.

  • Financial management information systems: Analyze historical and current financial activity, and project future financial needs.

  • Management Dashboards: All relevant information at your finger tips.

  • Marketing management information systems: Monitor product development, sustainable waste disposal on end-of-life products, distribution, pricing decisions, promotional effectiveness, and sales forecasting

  • Human resources management information systems: Manage workers, managers, and other individuals employed by the organization. These include performance management systems, employee balance scorecard, timesheet etc.


  • Integration of mobile app technology.

  • Cost-effective tailor-made solutions.

  • Customized dashboards.

  • Streamline process and ensure higher ROI.

  • Deep domain expertise.

  • Stringent quality control guidelines.