Logistics Tracking & Monitoring

The whole process of managing and monitoring supply chain, right from inbound logistics, with a long complex distribution network inside central warehouses, moving to distribution warehouses, to transportation terminals, and finally to delivery at the specific customer's premises is a lengthy and cumbersome process. The entire operation requires an efficient management process that leaves no scope for errors or manipulation of goods and commodities. The traditional system fails to make the tracking process hassle and error free; hence the need arises for a proper Logistics Tracking & Monitoring system in place.

RECYKLA provide smart applications for supply chain management to help client get the best and proven solution for their entire supply chain process including waste management. Our web-enabled Container Tracking and Monitoring System (CTMS) using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies with real-time data transfer ability is one of the industry best in when it comes to ensuring higher ROI and smoother operation.

What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA’s Logistics Tracking and Monitoring system has a hoard of benefits including;

  • Real-time tracking of containers.

  • Maximum utilization of terminal capacity.

  • Seamless operation and access to customers.

  • Smart dashboard provides value addition.

  • Greater visibility and control over various terminal operations.

  • Improved operational efficiency by about 40% of the total asset turnover and labor productivity.


  • Make tracking easy with maximum visibility in your supply chain system

  • Faster advanced shipping notifications including ASN to POD with sales order cross-referencing

  • Cross dock capacity that allows lowering the prospect of tied-up capital

  • Unique identification standards for all products, returnable assets and logistics units

  • Web portal to collaborate with partners with advance shipping notices (ASN) as well as proof of delivery (POD)