Infrastructure Consulting

Organizations can be more responsive to the marketplace and have a more open environment for innovation and transformation by having an agile infrastructure that is enabled in new IT models. Making IT Infrastructure more economical, secure and in-line with rapidly changing business objectives has never been so important. Mobility, cloud and the explosion of information trends are fundamentally shifting the expectations and role of IT Infrastructure teams. Planning and controlling this expense while preparing for the future is a big challenge facing IT infrastructure teams across organizations today.

RECYKLA provides expert consulting services for infrastructure including on sustainable waste management infrastructure to manage all related needs of a client.


  • Technologies that contribute to sustainable social development and sustainable communities by synergizing economic growth with environmental preservation

  • Absence of IT infrastructures in facilitating sustainable waste managements.

  • Decisive resolution in selecting and procuring infrastructure of the right kind according to the requirement.

  • Inability and inefficiency in managing the ever-changing infrastructure environment.

  • Planning and controlling IT infrastructure expense while preparing for the future.

  • Absence of transparency in infrastructure managed services.

  • Providing reasonably priced services and complying with the IT infrastructure.

What RECYKLA Offers

  • IT Service Desk: RECYKLA offers support services ranging from basic IT helpdesk services to enterprise service desk solutions. 

  • Network Services: RECYKLA provides monitoring and management services for your network. We provide services for network management and security, complete management of application performance and unified communication.

  • Datacenter Management: RECYKLA enables smart data centers for your organization helping you adopt the optimal Data center strategy for world class operations. We offer Server management, Database, Middleware and Applications management, Storage management, Capacity management and Enterprise monitoring.

  • IT Governance: RECYKLA’s IT governance solutions integrate your office and operations more closely to your business strategy by ensuring that IT investments generate business value while providing ample risk management services for heightened accountability in decision making. 

  • IT Service Management: RECYKLA’s process driven services are available to your business 24x7, striving consistently to reduce incident volume by an average of 10%, and slash downtime of critical services by as much as 70%.


To provide you with effective infrastructure management solutions, we, at RECYKLA  constantly leverage our expertise in new generation models to transform your IT landscape. As a result, your business can seamlessly shift from a traditional infrastructure outsourcing towards new generation delivery models. Our solutions help you

  • Facilitate and effectively plan, build and manage the infrastructure for increased efficiency, agility and business continuity.

  • Timely and Scheduled collections of end-of-life products for waste managements.

  • Meet customer SLAs by adopting ITIL industry standards

  • Assure round-the-clock, multi-lingual services, improve business-to-IT alignment, drive innovation and reduce risks.

  • Take control of IT costs, enhance system security, improve ability.

  • Facilitate and effectively support adoption of Green Programs , Green Roadmaps and development of corporate environmental responsibility strategies in end-of-life products disposal and management .

  • Support business and operating strategy as well as self-fund longer-term.

  • Provide IT-enabled improvements that drive additional value and high performance.

  • Support studies on the life cycle of products and services, auditing for legal environmental compliance in end-of-life products disposal and management.

  • Support business and operating strategy in the management of supply chains and inverse logistics of end-of-life of products disposals, evaluations of strategic risks related to the environment and sustainability