GIS/GPS services for e-Government

GIS/GPS are a crucial part of smooth government operations. It connects the various government departments with the citizens living in that particular geographical area. The growing breed of internet savvy citizens using e-Government services are likely to have higher expectations than those involved in face to face contact. They will have less tolerance to process failure while dealing with a machine than with a human being. Further, they will expect systems to know about the context, for example, which health authorities and which local department look into their health related issues in a particular city or township.

RECYKLA’s GIS solutions have been crafted to act as panacea to all these problems.


  • Find land use for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural etc. for city planning.

  • Locate flood-prone areas and risk from other natural disasters.

  • Help in end-of-life product waste disposal/management and Locate legal landfills and uncontrolled emerging illegal landfills in urban setups ,therefore helping in controlling environment pollution and health related problems.

  • Layout of roads, drainage system and water-connections, utility cables.

What RECYKLA Offers

At RECYKLA , we believe that software should be simple, easy and user friendly. We work hard towards that end to allow our clients to provide better quality service to the citizens in an easy error free manner. Our Geographic Information System - is designed keeping user friendliness in mind. Constant reviews by usability experts ensure a steady improvement and evolvement with new technological trends. We create a solution specifically designed to suit your needs


  • Fully customizable

  • Top-of-the line technology

  • Geo-referencing