Environmental Information Management-EIM

An organization’s environmental data management program in a comprehensive, systematic, planned and in an automatically documented manner with a need of enhancing organizational structures, planning and resources for developing, implementing and maintaining policies for environmental protection.

RECYKLA enables creation of EIM processes and strategies through a common platform of Integrated Environmental Information Systems (IEIS) and Mobility technologies


What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA is specifically working towards making simplifications of systems on environmental data by developing solutions through various platforms that are coupled with dedicated hardware / applications / software needed to run the solution.

RECYKLA provides a smart and effective system including database systems which integrate procedures and processes for training of personnel, monitoring, summarizing, and reporting of specialized environmental performance information to internal and external stakeholders of a firm.

This is done in an automated real time processing systems without human intervention. All internal users are given user IDs or passwords to log into the system and then check their status. Every user can view their processes status and subsequent process outcomes.

This solution provides a highly efficient and error free solution that tracks the environmental process, and data thereby providing real-time analytics for a company as part of their overall environmental management system.



  • Increase quality of communication

  • Automate tracking processes

  • Introduction of Electronic registers including for exported and imported products

  • Enhance standards compliance

  • Increase Waste reduction and elimination.

  • It serves as a tool, or process of improving environmental performance and information mainly in "design, pollution control and waste minimization, training, reporting to top management, and the setting of goals"

  • It Provides a systematic way of managing an organization’s environmental affairs

  • It acts as the aspect of the organization’s overall management structure that addresses immediate and long-term impacts of its products, services and processes on the environment. EMS assists in the planning, controlling and monitoring of policies in an organization.

  • Gives order and consistency for organizations to address environmental concerns through the allocation of resources, assignment of responsibility and ongoing evaluation of practices, procedures and processes

  • Creates environmental buy-in from management and employees and assigns accountability and responsibility.

  • Sets framework for training to achieve objectives and desired performance.