Integrated Environmental Information Systems

With ever-shifting market and intensifying compliances day by day organizations find it difficult to survive if they don’t exercise strict control on environmental management.

The enterprise owners cannot focus on development of the business due to so many penalties arising from both environmental pollutions and related health risk. They cannot take decisions without involving professional help.

Further business exploit clients by selling substandard products as client lose value for their money.


What RECYKAL Offers

Our Integrated Environmental Information Systems makes it easier for enterprise to comply with expected environmental standards in their areas of operations while synchronised with their business operation strategies. It makes environmental compliance easier and more precise than ever. This fully integrated solution gives you real times updates on environmental compliance.

For clients it allow them get product history ,(right from sources of raw materials, raw material used ,date of manufacture, life cycle, expected expiry date and any other relevant history about the product) by scanning products BARCODE with their smart phones. This give clients an edge and have value for their money by not to buying products, with short lifespan, or from producers/ manufactures accused of polluting the environment. They will need to upload our applications to access this product history.




  • Business Management: Our solutions free you from all accounts, finance & tax compliances related issues.

  • Cost Saving: Our flexible framework allows you to create as many users you want to access the system.

  • Quality Work: CSM’s solutions adhere to all quality and statutory standards.

  • Single platform solution for all environmental compliance requirements

  • Enhance producer responsibility by scaling up Take Back Programs