Enterprise Promotions Management

In a market where users’ preference is continuously evolving, promotions become highly crucial. As it has become important to garner consumer interest, the cost of marketing and promotions has increased considerably. To ensure that an enterprise gains maximum, marketing and promotion investment, efforts and strategies have become a crucial business aspect for all the stakeholders. Without leaving anything to chance, enterprise promotions management comes half way to receive brand promotion related queries including on environmental pollutions and provides smart solutions to maximize promotional profitability and effectiveness.

RECYKLAs Enterprise Promotions Management provides you with more control over your promotions expenses and maximizes returns. By establishing an integrated system keeps the process transparent and allows you to see the true cost and results of trade spending, our enterprise-class solution challenges the limitations of existing manual decentralized management systems. Also it also allow you to be able to ensure that company products and consumerables are well disposed/waste management after their end-of-life through take back process, reducing the brand carbon footprints.

What RECYKLA Offers

With RECYKLA’s Enterprise Promotions Management is robust and supports most standardized business processes, allows rapid implementation and integration with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) to build the most precise trade promotions. Our solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • Calculation Engine: Calculation of account plan and promotional KPIs based on predefined, yet easily configurable formulas for huge amounts of data.

  • Multi-Dimensional Planning Engine: Smart high-end technology that allows flexible, interactive and multidimensional top-down and bottom-up target and account planning


  • Boost your efficiency: Consolidate your existing processes and reduce admin time and labor costs.

  • Reduce your costs: Target activities, limit expenses and reduce support, maintenance and inventory management cost.

  • Monitor your promotions: Performance and compliance management ensure your higher return out of your promotions.

  • Complete visibility: View historical and actual trade promotion activities to track expenses and ROI.

  • Maximizing trade-promotion effectiveness: Generate the higher revenue, ROI and raise profitable opportunities.

  • Improve your decision-making: Analytics to help you chose, when, where and how promotions should be made.