Enterprise Content Management

Many organizations face with an explosion of data, while at the same time; intensifying government regulations require them to store /maintain their data for long time periods. Overflowing volume of structured and unstructured information across disparate locations, websites and media is making it difficult and time-consuming for enterprises to categorize and retrieve specific records on demand. As unstructured data proliferates and data safety & governance gain importance, the high costs and efforts in locating specific records warrant more attention, enterprises look for content management solutions which can enable them to update, amend and republish data & information on the go.

RECYKLA’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables organizations to easily and efficiently capture, store, use and manage information contained within its business documents from any device any time, centralizing the storage of all business documents. CMS (Content Management System) is a major technology adopted by RECYKLA in crafting world class Enterprise Content Management solutions.

What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA’s Enterprise Content Management services provide a centralized approach to create, capture, organize, access and assess your organization’s complete enterprise ecosystem of knowledge assets, media and electronic documents.

We provide ECM advisory, design, implementation and maintenance services, which we incessantly refine through our ECM Center of Excellence.

  • Reduce operating costs

    • Eliminate the costs of printing, shipping and storing

    • Improve productivity

  • Improve customer service

    • Faster response time

    • Digital data storage leads to ease of use

    • Online real-time visibility of requests and orders

  • Minimize risk

    • Secured and traceable

    • Faster reporting and auditing

    • Higher retention

    • Faster records management


Our solutions help you adhere to all legislative compliance (web 2.0) and government regulations.

  • User-access oriented information sharing across work groups.

  • Trim down information processing costs.

  • Reduce time spent searching for documents and records.

  • Support mobile workforce.

  • Access business-critical information from anywhere and any device.

  • Store all business documents in a single central repository.