E-government Portals and Platforms

E-government or electronic government is being used increasingly by government organizations worldwide. When used properly, IT proves to be an effective tool to connect authorities with their citizens and develops a transparent relationship between these two stakeholders. As government processes are mostly complex, critical as well as highly data sensitive at times, the need for a solution that does justice in providing the right information to the right user becomes essential. The development process is often lengthy and cumbersome, unless a properly designed structure is followed.

At RECYKLA , we understand the criticality of such projects and provide completely secure portal and platform solutions that meet the unique needs of government organizations both at state and central level. We use Microsoft technology based solutions using a service centric architecture that leverages the common communication model using XML and SOAP. We have successfully implemented several large projects in .NET for enterprise wide solutions.

What RECYKLA Offers

Providing a citizen-centric e-government has implications for three different groups, including politicians/policy-makers, the front-line organizations and agencies that implement the policies, and the citizens who use the e-government platform. RECYKLA streamlines this complex process with deep domain knowledge and years of experience in managing similar critical and complex projects.

RECYKLA delivers integrated end-to-end solutions for designing and developing e-governance web portals.

  • Build transparent web portals

  • Create a cost-effective system

  • Improve interaction between citizens and government

  • Deliver relevant and personalized services


RECYKLA adopts CMMi level 3 process and procedures to implement e-governance initiatives to reform government process to deliver quality solutions to the government. Our solution helps government run their processes with IT/ICT solutions seamlessly without much difficulty and complexity. Rather than reinventing the wheel, RECYKLA solutions delivers world class product that satisfy requirements and do not modify government processes.

  • Relevant domain expertise

  • Proven skills to manage government projects

  • Years of experience in developing similar solutions

  • Adherence to quality and technology guidelines