Data Warehousing

Many enterprises still run on different databases for each major branch or organizational division, leading to a complex schedule of data reporting to allow higher level analytics and planning. Enterprise data warehouse is an integrated database that holds the entire business information of an organization making it accessible across the company. Data warehousing allows constant data availability for analyzing and planning purposes. This system imposes a standard treatment of data and can grow with business needs by adding classifications as they emerge in the business model.

RECYKLA’s Data Warehousing Practice has experience partnering with major companies in creating and delivering value-added solutions including on waste management of products at the end-of-the product life cycle across a host of technologies and key industry verticals. Our enterprise data warehousing solution empowers your IT team to easily adapt to changing business requirements.

What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA’s approach of data warehousing rests on harnessing knowledge from within and outside the organization to create actionable information assets that drive enterprise transformation and value realization.

We provide data warehousing solutions that combines

  • A hybrid platform to accelerate deployments of business intelligence, data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing environments by populating them with on-premise or cloud-based data.

  • Data warehousing professional services that help your IT organization to quickly configure enterprise data warehousing projects with maximum flexibility.

  • Real-time data integration to deliver data from your data warehouse in batch, altered data and real-time formats.

  • Data services to augment data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing and deliver trusted data either physically or virtually to any application, at any latency, using any protocol.

  • A data warehousing platform for accessing, discovering, refining and integrating all enterprise data from a single, unified platform that is secure, reliable and highly scalable.

  • A proven implementation methodology that aligns IT teams with the business to execute data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing projects consistently, quickly and cost effectively.



With the RECYKLA solution for enterprise data warehousing, your IT organization can provide your business with the data it needs for:

  • More comprehensive visibility across business units

  • Greater transparency for regulatory compliance

  • Deeper competitive insights

  • Faster decision-making abilities

  • Deeper insight on waste management of products at the end-of-the product life cycle

RECYKLA data warehousing service offerings enable its customers to harmonize data across complex processes including on waste management of products at the end-of-the product life cycle of the enterprise to get a single window view of their business parameters and make better decisions through its applications.