Data Management

Data plays an important role in any industry. Be it manufacturing or service, data’s role in driving the mission and vision of the organization can never be ignored. Organizations require data management solutions for any of the following reasons:

  • Nomenclature and standardization issues – Lack of centralized Metadata management

  • Non-integrated processes and information – Poor Master data management

  • Usage of disparate technologies for implementing identical processes in different departments

  • Uncontrolled and/or unauthorized access to data – Data security issues

  • Lack of governance and ownership of data assets

  • Highly dispersed, fragmented and duplicated data – No enterprise view

  • No standards on internally and externally generated data – Low Data quality

RECYKLA is focused on creation of accurate, consistent and transparent data content including data on waste management of products at the end-of-the product life cycle for its customers. It emphasizes usability of data for its intended purpose and audience. We help you to meet the enterprise data management goals while providing data assurance in terms of security, quality and accessibility.

RECYKLA brings expertise and experience in implementing data management solutions for customer.

For RECYKLA the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) strategy is supported by backbone comprising six technical components:

  • Metadata management

  • Data security

  • Data governance

  • Data architecture

  • Data quality management

  • Master data management

What RECYKLA Offers

  • Implementation of Meta Data Solution: Business, Technology & Process Meta Data. Proprietary solutions combined with industry standard products

  • Data Quality Assessment and Implementation of Data Quality Products: Proprietary and industry standard products

  • Managing data needs of business solutions: Risk Management, Client Reporting, Performance Measurement & Attribution, Front office systems (Order Management & Portfolio Management), Accounting Systems

  • Business and Technology Architecture Consulting & Assessment: Current State Analysis, Future State Definition



RECYKLA’s comprehensive Enterprise Data Management Framework can help you with the following:

  • Governance of data management issues across the enterprise

  • Define and implement data architecture

  • A Single, unified view of reference data

  • Ensure data security

  • Regular and consistent work processes

  • Efficient Data Quality Management Framework

  • Data Governance-in-a-Box framework

  • Process defined execution plan for Data Management