Engineering & Industrial Services

In this world of endless possibilities, where conventions of technology are defined every day, business success is an outcome of differentiated and flawless customer experience. Customers are no longer satisfied by unique product features rather they look for unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions.

Smart Cities will operate on the back of technology and innovation, from mobility to waste disposal /management activities and every activity in between will be linked to technology and innovations.

At RECYKLA, we strive to provide companies with future-ready engineering and industrial solutions through IT/ICT intervention that extend to waste management. To achieve this, we utilize our experience and technical expertise in engineering and industrial services.


  • Bringing in new product features catering to the ever changing markets.

  • Competitive cost structure enforcement for improvisation of operational efficiencies in designing new solutions and products.

  • Need for innovation with optimal research and product development expenses.

  • Sheer size of operations as well as the available data makes it a tedious job to manage.

  • Engineering and industries operate 24x7x365 and have an urgent need for real time information.

What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA focuses on the engineering and industrial services to enhance client innovation capacity and supports launch of different products. Our product engineering covers multi-level disciplinary system and helps clients shorten time to market and also assures high degree of reliability.

RECYKLA constantly invests in the next generation technologies and solutions that further help in shortening development time. Our focus on innovating technologies which differentiate our product from the competitors lead us to many long-term relationships.

  • New Product Development Solutions: Product Design, Product Engineering and Product innovation in the world of mobility with a focus on Client requirement.

  • Geospatial Technology Solutions: In-depth geo-spatial information system capabilities to implement and integrate geo-spatial technology with other business applications to derive real time information.


  • Allows quick and informed decision making in a complex, fast-paced, competitive business environment and understanding of cost / value implications across the value chain.

  • Makes most out of the customer opportunity across the relationship life cycle with offerings to gain repeat business, wallet share and stability

  • Establishes dedicated business strategic centers and successfully operates and scales them in size for enhancing the portfolio of our global customers

  • Aligns the entire lifecycle of product–from conceptualization to design to aftermarket services–encompassing domain expertise, knowledge of regulations and standards, technical competencies into IT products.