Content Management

Content in government processes is highly sensitive and critical in nature. The content that is generated on a daily basis in most public sector enterprises and organizations is very high in volume. Every piece of information in a government process needs to be organized, analyzed and stored for future reference. As most organizations face issues with content management and storage, the only way out is digitalization. To keep every minute detail of various business entities/organizations/Government institutions in such an efficient manner that a citizen can access it fast and easy has become a major challenge. A smart Content Management exercise helps an organization reach every individual of its target group.


A web portal/web application without proper content management faces the following challenges:

  • No regular updates

  • No versioning of the content

  • No scope for web standards upgrades

  • No proper workflow management

What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA’s Content Management services facilitate in managing, updating and publishing the documents, information and multimedia records for publication. These handle all the collections and publication tasks easily, including promotions and advertisement, to make sure the industrial content is always maintained and up-to-date. Overcoming the manual procedures, RECYKLA’s content management services help in maintaining, modifying and enriching the government content practices along with storing total records of the historical data, marketing and financial information in a single data base, saving both time and money.

  • Most consistent project management techniques are used as it involves frequent testing of the project under development.

  • Tailor-made processes and technological solutions that client is actively involved in.


  • A few noteworthy services include file storage and categorization, metadata services, collaboration services, workflow services, versioning services and access services.

  • Our content management systems provide procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.

  • Our procedures have the flexibility of possessing manual steps or an automated cascade.

  • Our RECYKLA services streamline the content drive, optimize your operations, give you the flexibility of operation and customize as per your requirement.