Commerce Solutions

The ever-evolving, tech-savvy, cross channel consumer is exploring multiple channels to find and shop for products, at only the best prices. E-Commerce is no longer just about providing web-based services. It is about enabling retailers, brands and catalogers to be more consumer-centric across channels. Competing to win in the new digital marketplace has never been more challenging. Budgets are getting smaller, cycles shorter, product introductions more frequent and supply chains are growing more complex.

RECYKLA commerce solutions can help you quickly respond to changing customer demand, manage your ecosystem of partners and suppliers and lower operational costs.

Our commerce solutions are marked with high-end tech features that give you an advantage over your competitors.

  • Easily expand globally and target new geographies and segments more effectively.

  • Includes B2B,B2G and B2C modules to better support different business and selling models.

  • Built on a foundation of proven capabilities, including a battle-tested and scalable modern platform, business user control and omni-channel support.

  • Increase agility and empower marketers and merchants with the tools they need to manage Omni-channel experiences, personalization, search and navigation, promotions, content, and more.

  • Rapidly launch sites for new brands, markets and even single-purpose campaigns.

  • The technology adopted by RECYKLA to provide commerce solutions work on its RECYKLA and .net framework capabilities. Our technical expertise helps you in having solutions which have

    • A better web user interface

    • A refined search tool

    • Provide product catalogs

    • Use secure HTTP (HTTPS)

What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA’s Commerce Platform is a comprehensive feature-rich, “boxed commerce” framework that not only fits your standard requirements but also accommodates your specific requirements.

It incorporates best practices and global benchmarks to provide enriched features for the following:

  • Order management and fulfillment

  • Customer service and analytics

  • Superior shopping experience

  • Merchandising and marketing capabilities

We also help your business operations with the following business operations:

  • Site operations

  • Analytics

  • Web operations

  • Content management

  • Campaign management



RECYKLA commerce platform supports a host of online business models that will help you execute your online business strategy successfully.

  • A high level of consumer centricity by implementing an industry best practices model.

  • Value addition to your e-Commerce strategy and generate continuous success with the following:

    • Commerce consultative program (CCP)

    • Continuous quest for innovation

    • Collaborative research and advisory model

    • Continuous research for the best partner system


  • Flexible engagement model combines services and solutions to deliver e-Commerce and multi-channel programs at lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)and faster time-to-market.

  • Highly scalable and modular approach to enable the plug-n-play of solution components.