Business Process

Business process improvement is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve higher results. Structuring business processes to leverage productivity is the need of the hour. Business processes need to be redesigned so that these can be aligned with business strategies, goals and objectives. It also aims at understanding and identifying the gaps which are one of the predominant factors in determining the performance of employees in an enterprise environment.


  • Managing and maintaining the IT solutions.

  • Absence of uniformity in managing business operations.

  • Achieving an error-free, end-to-end integration between the processes that are distributed throughout the enterprise to gather information.

  • Identifying the factors which affect accuracy, effectiveness and timeliness of vital enterprise data delivery.

What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA provides exceptional managed Business Process services to cater to client’s specific needs in end-of-life products waste management.

  • Integrated Grievances Redressal System: A web based unified complaint Redressal and escalation system for consumers.

  • Consumer Advisory Network: Consumer Advisory Network links State Consumer Help lines (SCH) located in different State. State Consumer Helpline (SCH) provides pre-purchase information, post-purchase advice, guidance and information and also offers "next-step advice" for resolution or redress.

  • Central Grievances Redressal Management System: This system aims at registering, monitoring and managing the complaints on environmental pollutions of the beneficiaries (citizens) as well as the stakeholders through online (by anyone) and portal (by registered users).


  • Manage complex business process using process automation technology.

  • Immediate catering to client grievances.

  • Auto escalation of complaints.

  • Quick resolution of issues.

  • Inclusion of dashboards, interactive analytics and standard reports, which are often used to make far-reaching business decisions in waste management, and policies formulation.

  • Automated application system provides increased processing efficiencies and fewer mistakes.