Application Management

IT infrastructure is the backbone of any organization. To derive optimal performance, it is not enough to design only IT infrastructure and applications to provide the desired business outcomes. One has to ensure high availability performance and service levels with the help of robust IT services.

At RECYKLA, we develop mobile and software applications in end-of-life products waste management that ensure your business or institutions is well served and managed on a 24X7 basis thus providing secure and high performance platform for end-of-life products waste operations.


  • Complex existing applications call for a high maintenance budget.

  • Preserving existing applications and enabling business continuity within budget.

  • Solutions that are not tailor-made only add to the financial loss without providing any real value.

What RECYKLA Offers

RECYKLA Application Management Services bring together an industrialized, globally integrated approach with distinctive analytics capability and leading automation to help companies and institutions strategically manage their application portfolios in support of business goals, end-of-life products waste disposal, end-of-life products waste management and end-of-life products waste transportation originating from the business or institutions.

To thrive in a competitive market where today clients are more environmental conscious, we invite to learn how our results are driven through innovations empowering teams to outperform productivity, quality and time against market expectations.

  • PMU & PIU: RECYKLA deploys technical and skilled personnel for proper implementation and monitoring of the business activities for improving the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of the services offered through proper IT/ICT intervention.

  • Managed Services: RECYKLA assists in addressing issue resolution, management of conflicts, processing knowledge management, facilitating program communication, analyzing performance evaluation, risk management evaluation, assessment and management of financial processes, executing project plan, project monitoring and evaluating change control process.

  • Help Desk Management:>We design single window yet Centralized Grievance Redressal system for providing multiple services to the end users. A web based toll free is unified for addressing the complaints, Redressal along with escalation mechanism to bring in transparency into the process.


  • Allows for the reduction of the "Total Cost of Ownership" through a process that allows for continued process improvements that leverage people, technology, environment and quality measurements.

  • Provides improved responsiveness to a customer's need through the management of service level agreements.

  • Lowers the risk in project execution through the use of experienced resources and a defined, consistent and repeatable process.

  • Designs customized applications befitting the client requirement.

  • Imparts companies with ability to quickly isolate the root cause of the slowdowns, thereby expanding the scope of end-of-life products waste monitoring/management.